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Our professional puppy training in Brisbane will not only teach basic obedience and skills but help you build an amazing relationship with your companion.

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Group Puppy Training Brisbane

Training You & Your Best Friend

Chapter One Dog Training is a dedicated dog trainer, offering small group puppy training services to clients and their companions in Brisbane and surrounds.

Our number one priority is to make life easier for you and your best friend. We care about the results we achieve and are passionate about providing our clients with the knowledge, tools and support they need to have a well-balanced and healthy relationship with their dogs.

We work with you and your canine companion to strengthen your bond, increase obedience and overcome any behavioural issues you may be experiencing. Book your class today!

Our Services

Do you want to raise the dog of your dreams? We believe that all dog owners should have access to quality advice and training in Brisbane. Get in touch with Hannah to discuss which service is the best fit for you, your dog and achieving your goals.

Puppy School

Give your puppy the best start in life with our small group Puppy School training. We start with a blank page, so bad habits don’t have the chance to form!

Your Local Puppy School

Start From The Beginning

Inspired by the belief that your puppy will benefit most from starting their training as early as possible, we offer a range of puppy classes designed to socialise and educate your young companion in a fun and friendly environment.

We start with a blank page so bad habits don’t have the chance to form!

We cover all the basic skills your pup needs to thrive. Our small group puppy classes are designed to be fun, educational and interactive, with the aim of setting your puppy up for success. 

Getting a puppy, or are waiting for your companion to join your family? Don’t wait! Booking your puppy training classes now will give you and your pup the best chance to form good habits, build confidence and optimism in every environment!

Brisbane Dog Training

Start From The Beginning

It doesn’t matter how old your dog is, they are never too old to learn! We offer basic and intermediate dog training classes for older dogs. Our classes are small to ensure each dog gets the attention they need.

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks?

Small group dog training classes are a great way to socialise with your dog and meet other like-minded dog owners!

With patience, time and our professional expertise, we can help your four-legged friend learn all the obedience commands and good manners they need to know. Call now to find out about upcoming dog training classes in Brisbane

Client Testimonials

Chapter One’s private lessons and group classes have been extremely valuable to our dog. Hannah's love for animals and passion for helping owners shines through in her tailored programs and gentle approach to educating. We will continue to use Chapter One for all of our training needs and we highly recommend Chapter One for those with specific behavioural concerns or needing general training for their dogs

Danielle, Drew & Tucker

I would 100% recommend Hannah if you are looking to train up your furry friend. My partner and I came across Hannah’s page on Facebook and were instantly attracted by the content and information she was providing. Her classes have been a dream for our pup Ralph and we’ve learnt things as doggie parents that they just don’t teach anywhere else! Not only was she super helpful and informative but she’s down to earth and genuinely wants the best for your dog! The lessons she’s taught us as doggie parents has made our ability to train our dog with love and trust so special and simple!

Laura, Geordie & Ralph

“We loved attending our puppy school class each week. We have learnt so many valuable lessons that will help guide us through the puppy stage!”

Jordan, Molly & Emmy

“Wonderful experience and very informative. Hannah has a lovely approach with the dogs and their owners.”

Olivia & Hank

“Hannah is very approachable, lots of practical training tips for our puppy, the Facebook group is fantastic, and we look forward to attending Chapter 1!”

Bridget, Alex & Archie

Training Your Pup In Brisbane

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We understand that every dog is different and tailor our training methods to suit each individual. We also believe that the bond between owner and dog is of the utmost importance, which is why we place such a strong emphasis on building a positive relationship between you and your canine companion.