Chapter One Dog Training

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Obedience Dog Training

Let’s Build Skills Together

At your Chapter 1 dog training course, we will focus on building a solid foundation. By the end of the training, your dog will be equipped with the right know-how to appropriately navigate everyday life and be less likely to form negative behavioural habits.

What you and your dog will learn

Attend Brisbane obedience training classes to learn the following:

  • How to grow your communication system
  • How to create a motivating food reward
  • Foundations of stay and concept of impulse control
  • Foundations of recall (coming when called) and concept of focus
  • Foundations of loose leash walking and concept of proximity (value for being near owner)
  • Foundations of boundary training (how to wait on a bed) and concept of calmness
  • How to reshape your dog’s brain through easy and fun training games for a well-rounded companion!

Chapter 1 Training

What’s included?

This is a four-week course. Your dog training package includes:

  • 4 x 1 hour group lessons per week
  • Q&A time at the end of each class to address your individual questions and learn from what others have to say
  • Personalised attention and one-on-one time with the trainer
  • Small class numbers so you and your dog receive the attention you deserve
  • Phone and email support for the duration of the course
  • Graduation certificate and gift
  • Lesson notes and program summary to refer back to your training
  • Free lifetime access to Chapter One Dog Training Facebook support group
obedience dog training - pug on a leash

Who is this course for?

This course is designed as a follow-on from puppy school, an entry point for adolescent dogs with limited training and for adult dogs who need to revisit their training.

This is the perfect training course for any dog!

Your investment

Access small group dog training for $350 per course.

Spots are limited per course to ensure quality interactions between puppies, owners and the trainer. We run these classes from Balmoral Park, Morningside on a Saturday.

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